DRUGS: Uruguay was the first country to legalize cannabis trade

December 12th, 2013


Uruguay became Wednesday 11 décembbre, the first country to legalize cannabis for recreational use. In the wake of MPs, senators approved the law regulating the production and consumption of marijuana, the Netherlands, Spain or the U.S. states of Colorado and Washington already tolerant culture under certain conditions.

The novelty of the Uruguayan provision takes in that it will allow the state to take control of the production and sale of the product. Specifically, the text provides three ways to access cannabis self-cultivation (six plants maximum) culture in clubs members (including a maximum of 45 people and 99 plants) and pharmacy sales, public oversight (40 grams maximum per month). Any farmer or user must register on a national register and the sale will be reserved for adults residing in Uruguay. All advertising will remain prohibited, and cultivation of marijuana out of the box system will remain illegal.

By October, even before the law goes before the Senate, the government of Montevideo and had indicated a desire to fix the price of 0.75 euro per gram, the current index and in the street.

"Greater availability also for children"

With this regulation which he instigated, Uruguayan President José Mujica, who came to power in 2009, aims to undermine the powerful networks of drug trafficking. "When you legalize, you allow anyone to consume or plant under state control. The user can thus benefit from a guaranteed price and the quality of the product. There will be more interest in using an underground market, says Christian Tharel, administrator Lyon Information and cannibique Research Collective (IARC), which advocates the legalization cannabis.

The Act also provides, according to the government, to limit the risks associated with marijuana use and divert its fans dealers that could lead to harder drugs. "In terms of prevention, authentication mode set by Uruguay has been cleverly thought because it will allow consumers to have access to information concerning the product sold, note Meanwhile Christian Tharel. It is claimed that the prohibition preserves youth, but those who do consume no matter how they have no information on what they smoke. "

Uruguayan opposition to the legalization of market risk to facilitate access to marijuana for young people. "Law defective in form and substance, challenged on Monday , AFP Senator Alfredo Solari opposition. Certainty that there will be a greater availability of cannabis […] makes me fear greater availability also for children and adolescents, which is the most serious "consequence of this law control.

"Uruguay is trying to strike a blow"

Providing a complete "experience for the world," the head of the Uruguayan State hopes to convince him the international community of the merits of the initiative. Several former Latin American presidents have also provided his support, arguing that political repression conducted previously against drug trafficking have been e failure.

"Uruguay is trying to strike a blow, says Christian Tharel. The challenge of this law is to determine whether cannabis is a drug which can only manage consumption, such as alcohol. "To calm opposition, President José Mujica s' is already committed to "back off" if the experiment was turning wimpy. But the executive may take his first lessons at the end of next year. According to Montevideo, the decrees of the law, supposed to kick off the production will be ready in April 2014.

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PHILIPPINES: Manila and Muslim rebels agree on power-sharing

December 8th, 2013


A new step towards peace in the Philippines was taken Sunday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Delegates of the Philippine government and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), the main group of Muslim rebels in the country, have signed an agreement to share power


This agreement, which is registered as a last step before the peace treaty had already been the subject of a prior agreement, endorsed by both parties in October 2012. , What hope for the end of the insurrection of Muslim rebels in the south, who spent decades more, made 150,000 deaths, according to estimates. 

Including the text provides that the MNLF, which has 12,000 men, to relinquish its independence inclinations on the island of Mindanao, the second largest island the archipelago, in exchange for a share of power and distribution of wealth in this autonomous region


With AFP

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DENMARK: Yahya Hassan, Danish poet who claims his "hatred of scarves and the Koran"

December 5th, 2013


Yahya Hassan was only ten years old in 2005 when the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has angered thousands of Muslims with his caricature of Mohammed, shown wearing a turban shaped like a bomb, published e in a Danish newspaper. 18 years old today, Hassan, Danish poet, son of Palestinian Muslim immigrants, in turn arouses controversy with his collection of 150 poems published in Denmark last month.

His poems deal with his difficult childhood alongside a father he describes violent, father brutalized by the hours spent in front of the TV channels , Arab and unable to integrate into Danish society vision. In his verses, Hassan puts crude words on domestic violence, welfare fraud and expresses his hatred of the religious environment in which he was raised: "I hate your bet re, I hate your scarves and your Koran and your prophets illiterate, your parents and your children indoctrinated indoctrinated. Your faults and your prayers. "Under police protection, a stance that earned him many threats. After reciting his poem "Langdigt" (or "Long poem") on a Danish TV station in late October, the young man a REC u 27 death threats, some of which are under investigation. Nothing, however, surprise Yahya Hassan claiming his freedom of speech. "I grew up in a country where freedom of speech exists. But I also grew up in an environment where they can not express themselves freely. I always said what I thought and I suffered the consequences, "explained Hassan Yahya FRANCE 24. On 18 November, the latter is said self-proclaimed atheist, was attacked by a radical Muslim in Copenhagen Central Station. The man lunged at him shouting, "You are an infidel, you deserve to die." Since then, the young man is under police protection. Adverse success Muslims? Publishers Yahya Hassan published 75,000 copies of his book, released on October 17. Unprecedented for diffusion of modern poetry. According to publisher Simon Pasternak, poetry books rarely exceed 500. "It's just a young artist who wrote a fantastic book," rejoices & rsquo , editor. The bestseller and the media that raises the young talent, however, is not to please everyone. Some criticize a decision adverse position to the Muslim community in Denmark. "The media coverage and everything that the police to protect that person is very interesting. That means that if I see the media and I say something about Islam and the Muslim community, then I become a hero! (…) It is very harmful to the integration of Muslims in Denmark, "laments Mohammed al-Maimouni, spokesman for the Danish Islamic Council. Last week, a local councilor complained against the poet of racism. An approach that echoes the complaint this year against the Dano-Iranian artist Firoozeh Bazrafkan condemned for racism after he wrote on his blog to be " convinced that Muslim men around the world abused and killed their daughters. "

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UKRAINE: Pro-European protesters occupy the city of Kiev

December 2nd, 2013


While hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered Sunday, 1 December in downtown Kiev to demand the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych, hundreds of protesters were able to enter City Hall. The opponent nationalist Oleh Tyahniboh, a leader of the protest, said that young activists of his party took control of the building.

"Those responsible for enforcement are in talks with citizens who have taken control of the local town hall. They explain that their actions are illegal and ask them to leave the building, "said the spokesman for the police, Olga Bilyk.

"Headquarters of the Revolution"

An AFP reporter found that banner "headquarters of the Revolution" was hoisted on the building facade. Windows were also broken.

According to Olga Bilyk, a hundred policemen were injured in clashes with demonstrators. Some suffer head injuries.

Despite the violent dispersal Saturday morning by riot forces demonstrators who occupied the Independence Square in the center of the capital, the tension remains very strong and the Ukrainian opposition seems to want nothing release. She denounced the refusal of an Association Agreement with the European Union and criticized the government for its subservience to Moscow. "We are here, we will set up tents. Starting today begins the general strike, "said one of the opposition leaders, Oleg Tiagnibok before the crowd.

Mass gatherings banned until January 7, 2014

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the authorities launched a ban on gathering in symbolic places. "Mass gatherings are banned until January 7, 2014," on Independence Square, the traditional venue for events in Kiev, and in the streets where the local administration pre , presidential, parliament and the seat of government, told AFP lawyer Evgenia Zakrevskaïa, citing a decision of the Ukrainian justice.

The opposition, which accuses the president of turning his back on the EU and hardened the regime was able to mobilize tens of thousands of people in Kiev there one week the early manifestations. The rally Sunday is a test capabilities to mobilize opposition.

"We must go into the street (…) peacefully"

Sunday, the leader of the party and Oudar boxing world champion Vitali Klitschko retained his call to rally. "Only together can we change the situation in the country. That is why you must go to the street and give its opinion peacefully, "he has said, according to a statement from Oudar party.

Ukrainian President has meanwhile promised to continue the rapprochement with the European Union. "I'll do my best to expedite the process of rapprochement between Ukraine and the European Union, while avoiding significant losses to our economy and the deterioration the level of life, "he said in a statement. Viktor Yanukovych also Saturday condemned the use of force against protesters and ordered an investigation. "I am deeply shocked by the events that took place during the night on Independence Square" in Kiev, he said in a statement.

"Resignation of the government and the president"

But opposition leaders, who gathered Saturday to decide their strategy after a week of demonstrations, denounced a hardening of the regime.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a leading Batkivschina Party (Fatherland) the opponent Yulia Tymoshenko announced that the opposition called "the resignation of the government and the president, presidential elections and early elections. "

The United States and the European Union have condemned the use of violence against protesters. 

With AFP news

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MALI: General Amadou Sanogo, author of the 2012 coup, arrested in Bamako

November 28th, 2013


General Amadou Sanogo, the coup d'état of March 2012 to Mali, was arrested, Wednesday, Nov. 27 in Bamako, by Malian security forces announced and the Malian Ministry of Defence. Dozens of armed Malian soldiers entered his home and came out shortly after taking him to the rear of a vehicle, according to a journalist & rsquo , AFP.

The former captain, promoted to the rank of general in August, must be brought before a judge who will listen about the atrocities committed by his men and the death of six people during a military demonstration in September. "He did not want to go to court, so we have to execute a warrant," said AFP military at the scene.

"Deeply shocked"

Amadou Sanogo had been summoned by the end of October a judge Bamako but had not presented before him, provoking the ire of several parties and civil society Mali. There is a week, the United Front for safeguarding democracy and the Republic (FDR), a coalition of parties and organizations who opposed the coup, is e , was "deeply shocked" that the general Sanogo not respond to a court summons.

In the months following the coup of 22 March 2012 that precipitated the seizure of northern Mali by jihadist groups, headquarters Sanogo and his men located in a barracks near Bamako has been the site of numerous abuses against military considered loyal to the ousted president, Amadou Toumani Touré. Politicians, journalists and members of civil society have also claimed to have been victims of abuse.

With AFP and Reuters

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DIPLOMACY: Ukraine: mobilization swells and continues to an agreement with the EU

November 25th, 2013


They do not let go. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians were beaten again the streets of the capital, Sunday, Nov. 24, to protest the reversal of their government's decision - under pressure from Moscow - to give agreement association with Brussels.

"We came here to show that we feel European," said one protestor told AFP, Alexandra Prissiajniouk, 19 year old student. "We hope that we can show our strength through this action, and we represent something for our country. Power can not not react to such a manifestation of civil society, "said the student.

Incidents have occurred with the police when the margins of these rallies, protesters tried to force the seat of government of Viktor Yanukovych, before being repelled by the Police with batons and tear gas.

Free Trade Zone unprecedented

Despite the magnitude of the challenge the agreement as expected by Ukrainians between Kiev and Brussels - and to be signed on November 29 - should not take place. He planned to set up a free trade zone with unprecedented Brussels and plan facilities visas. In total, six former Soviet republics had to sign with the text 28: Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus - a group named by the Europeans "Eastern Partnership".

Caught between the EU and Russia, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, has finally decided to give in to pressure from the Kremlin. "The government's decision was taken on the basis of economic reasons. It is tactical in nature, and does not affect our strategic goals, "he said. Russia's largest trading partner Kiev, saw indeed a very dim view of this rapprochement with Brussels. Moscow has threatened to abandon the particular imports of Ukrainian products if an agreement was signed.

Putin accuses EU of blackmail

In Moscow, Vladimir Putin denies forced Kiev. "We have heard threats from our European partners for Ukraine, threats which called the people to organize events. That's the pressure that's blackmail, "lamented the Russian President.

Yet Russia knows, breach of commercial partnership with Ukraine would have disastrous consequences for the economy of the former Soviet republic, already in dire straits . Its debt has exploded in recent years and now exceeds 30% of GDP, against less than 10% before the crisis of 2008-2009, and the budget deficit could exceed 8% this year.

This is the first time since the breakup of the USSR in 1991 the Kremlin manages to prevent a former Soviet republic closer to Western Europe to keep in Moscow lap.

Yulia Tymoshenko remains in jail

In the wake of the refusal to sign the agreement Vilnius, Ukrainian MPs also rejected bills that would have allowed the opponent and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko out of prison. His release was a key condition set by the EU before the signing of the Association Agreement.

In an open letter released Friday, the fifties warned Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych against pursuing its policy. "If you think you can continue to bluff, blackmail and play between the two civilizations to stay in power, you are mistaken," said she wrote in an open letter.

Faced with the outcry, Ukraine has proposed to launch a trialogue with the European Union and Russia in the form of a tripartite commission on trade. A proposal met with skepticism by Brussels that does not close the door to dialogue. Viktor Yanukovych remains "obviously" the "Welcome" to summit on 28 and 29 November in the Lithuanian capital, assured Maja Kocijancic, spokesperson for the EU diplomatic service.

With AFP news

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FRANCE: Abdelhakim Dekhar arrested back on the hunt for the "gunman"

November 21st, 2013


On November 15, around 7:00 am, a man armed with a shotgun enters local BFM TV, in the south-west of Paris and launches an editor "Next time I will not miss you" and ran away.

Three days later, a man by the same reporting is introduced, around 10:15 in the offices of the newspaper Liberation. This time he is acting out and opened fire twice before escaping on foot. A young photographer's assistant of 23 years was seriously wounded in the chest and abdomen. Policemen are deployed outside the headquarters of the Parisian media.


Therefore, a manhunt is committed in the capital. Especially as the investigators who scrutinized the CCTV images are confident to deal the same man that BFM TV.

A little later, between 11:30 and 11:45, it is Defense business district outside of Paris, the "gunman", as it quickly became known, reappears. He opened fire on the headquarters of the General Society but does not hurt anyone.

To escape, he takes a driver hostage and asked to place it on the Champs-Elysees. It is here that the police lost track of him and that the case packs. Hollande asks Manuel Valls "mobilize all means" to stop the suspect. The Interior Minister ensures that the police will "do everything" to quickly challenge the shooter, which he calls "real danger".

In the afternoon, investigators make public CCTV images of the suspect, showing him wearing a cap and a dark khaki sleeveless jacket. The photographs are not of very good quality. The Paris prosecutor, François Molins, indicates that the track of a single author is "privileged".

On Tuesday, a new picture, taken in a subway station, is released sharper than previous ones, it shows the suspect face, wearing a beige jacket and a red cap. The same day, some media announced wrongly arrest the suspect.

Confused by his DNA and a key witness Wednesday morning, Nanterre prosecutor Robert Gelli announced that "DNA highlighted on the sleeves" and found to release , Societe Generale "and on the passenger door of the vehicle of the hostage is the same." The hypothesis of a single author is therefore confirmed. In the evening, at 20 o'clock, the prosecutor announced that a man with a "strong physical resemblance" with the suspect, was arrested an hour earlier in a parking lot Bois-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine) and placed into custody. According to several sources, it is in a state of "semi-consciousness", probably due to the medication, which suggest an attempt at suicide. This is the testimony of a person saying the suspect host from time to time put the police on his trail. Investigators collect a DNA sample from the person in custody who is hospitalized, and conduct analyzes. Shortly before 23 hours, several sources close to the investigation say that the man in custody, known to police, is called Abdelhakim Dekhar. Aged 48, he was convicted in 1998 in connection with the Rey-Maupin case for buying the shotgun that was used in the kitchen Bloody who killed five people, including three policemen, October 4, 1994 in Paris. Thursday, shortly before 1 am, the Paris prosecutor announced that DNA is kept in view that the shooter sought. An hour later, Manuel Valls said since 36 dock Goldsmith that "all the facts" demonstrate the involvement of Abdelhakim Dekhar. With headlines (AFP)

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MIDDLE EAST: Hollande in Israel: "France will not yield" on the Iranian nuclear

November 17th, 2013


Upon his arrival in Israel, said Francois Hollande, Sunday, Nov. 17, that France would maintain its demands vis-à-vis Iran to prevent it to acquire the nuclear weapon. "France will not give up on nuclear proliferation," said the French president at the beginning of a two-day visit to the Jewish state and the Palestinian Territories.

"On the Iranian issue, France believes that nuclear proliferation is a danger, a threat, and Iran in particular, a threat to Israel, the region, Clearly a threat to the entire world, "he said in a speech at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport.

The President and Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu came to greet his plane down, welcomed the firm position of France on this issue.

"We must never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. This does not only endanger Israel and other regimes and states in the Middle East but also in France, Europe and the world, "Benjamin had previously pleaded Netanayhou.

France has publicly expressed last weekend in Geneva its opposition to a proposed interim agreement negotiations between Iran and the P5 +1 powers, to which it belongs with the other four permanent members of the Security Council of the UN (United States, China, Britain and Russia) and Germany.

Negotiations will resume Wednesday, November 20 in Geneva, a few hours after the end of the visit of Francois Hollande in Israel.

With news

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MEDIA: "The words of 'Minute' claim to expel me from the human family"

November 14th, 2013


The one of the weekly Minute, comparing the Minister of Justice a monkey, is "extremely violent." These words "claim expel me from the human family, deny I belong to the human species, "said Christiane Taubira, Wednesday, November 13 evening, France 2.

The elected Guyana had been compared to a monkey by a candidate of the Front

national municipal elections, and treated "monkey" by children, during a protest against gay marriage.

"We must recognize that they are about extreme violence, because they claim to expel me about the human family," he told France 2 the Minister of Justice.

"I cash shock. Simply, of course, is violent for my children. This is violent for my family. It is violent for anyone like me. This is for all those who have a difference, "she added.

"We need justice requires"

On his refusal to file a complaint, she said: "I have not a low profile, it is an assumed dignity, displayed with great pride that I want multiple support I received. "

"It is true that I chose initially not to entrust only to justice sanction such statements. We need justice requires of course, because racism is not an opinion, it is a crime, but justice can not bear the whole burden, the company must also ask, " Has she added.

For the Minister of Justice, it is "indisputable" there today disinhibition racist words.

"This is why we face," said she launched. "There are words that have arisen in the public space, which did not give rise to reactions, and let others believe they could inhibitions," he she lamented, while expressing confidence in the "base" of the French company, which she has said, "is built on fraternity" .

Asked about the condemnation of the racist National Front who referred Christiane Taubira felt it was just "hypocrisy" of "cowardice". "While the FN will not renounce all his inheritance, everything that makes her true identity … I think these are accommodations, opportunistic positions, "she has said.

"There was a clash of fundamental values, this confrontation is quite normal. We will battle because we have semantic and cultural battles to fight. Conquests We have policies to rebuild and we are determined to do it, "Does she concluded.

With news

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Saudi Arabia: Two killed in anti-immigrant riots in Saudi Arabia

November 11th, 2013


The crackdown on Saudi authorities against illegal immigration has had its first death, Saturday, Nov. 9. In the evening, two people, including a Saudi, were killed and 68 injured in clashes autrres in Manfouha district, in the south of Riyadh. It is in this area that focus particularly immigrants from the Horn of Africa, mainly Ethiopians, according to an official source. This violence is the first since the authorities began to deport illegal after the expiry, on November 4, the seven months they set to regularize their status or leave the oil-rich kingdom.

Hundreds of members of the National Guard and special police units proceeded Sunday patrolling the streets of the neighborhood, witnesses said. At the same time, hundreds of illegal immigrants went to the Saudi police. Men, women and children in Africa, carrying hastily personal effects, rose by the hundreds in buses made available by the police Manfouha, according to AFP correspondent on the spot. Others piled into taxis to be done, such as bus passengers in shelters constructed by the authorities to expedite the formalities for their expulsion.

"Situation under control" in Riyadh

In the district of Manfouha, the police did not say whether the authors disorders were illegal aliens, but said in a statement it had "taken the controller and the situation. " "Two people, including a Saudi, were killed and 68 others injured, including 28 Saudis" in the clashes, said the spokesman of the police, quoted by official SPA news agency, citing the arrest of "561 people among the instigators of disorder." According to him, immigrants "have tried to barricade streets in the area, throwing stones on citizens and residents and threatened with knives." A large number of shops and vehicles were damaged.

Witnesses told AFP that the Saudis and foreign residents, encouraged by the campaign against illegal immigration, attacked Saturday, with sticks, the suspected illegal immigrants they have turned their neighborhood into a "den of debauchery." The situation escalated and the police intervened after warning, according to his spokesman, she "gave a chance for illegal persons wishing to visit police with their families. " He did not decline the nationality or identity of the second person killed in the riots. But in Addis Ababa, the government announced Saturday that Ethiopia had decided to repatriate its nationals illegally in Saudi Arabia after information about the death of an Ethiopian who was killed by Saudi police.

The affected by the departure of immigrants economy

As part of the campaign in Saudi Arabia, more than 900,000 illegal aliens have left the kingdom since early 2013. The Ministry of Labour has called illegal immigrants to take the necessary steps to regularize their status or "face the consequences of their delay." For a week, police patrols chase foreigners who have not regularized their situation. Violators could face up to two years in prison and fined 100,000 riyals (27,000 U.S. dollars).

The authorities believe that this policy should reduce the number of immigrants, estimated at 9 million people on some 27 million people, to encourage the employment of Saudis in the kingdom where the unemployment rate reached 12.5%. But the forced departure of illegal aliens has caused a shortage of cheap labor, which affects many sectors, although experts provide it will be beneficial in the long term for the country's economy.

With news

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